Take a peek at our last 3 months’ Average First Reply Time, an important number at Vinewave HQ.

Great support is really important to us. I know, every company says that. For us though, it’s really true. We just get excited helping people make their SharePoint intranets better.

Now, because we serve customers all around the world and can’t visit them all (although we’d love to!), the only real customer support interaction we get is via our online channels.

So when it comes to measuring how well we’re doing with support at a company level, the thing we have to go by other than plain old “gut feel” is data. We love data.

An Important Statistic

One of the most important things we track is our Average First Reply Time, which is how quickly we answer sales and support requests.

Our last 3 months’ Average First Reply Time was 8.48 hours.

That means we’re more than twice as fast to reply to customer queries than the industry average (“software”). That’s according to Zendesk, the support system we use for more than 99% of our customer communication.

The industry average was 19.30 hours for the same period — Sep/Oct/Nov 2016.

I’m not sure how many companies are grouped in the software industry on Zendesk but they do have 75,000 paid customers so there’s probably many.

Here’s another interesting chart that shows 30% of our first replies happen within 1 hour, and 42% within 1–8 hours.

That means 72% of customer requests get answered within 8 hours.

That’s ok for a products company, but it could be better.

We’re based in South Africa so there’s a limit to how low we can get this number, simply due to timezone differences.

Why don’t we have a dedicated, 24/7 support team? Because at Vinewave, the team that builds the products is the team that answers support requests. We dislike (no, hate) front-line support that leads nowhere. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. That’s why when you send us a mail or live chat, you’re chatting to the people who make the actual products.

Wait, what about the 9% of requests that take more than 24 hours to get a first reply? We’re working on it :) I’d love to explore that in a future post.

Thanks for reading! You rock.